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Item Number Manufacturer Description
TC-26-100 TC26100 CAP TUB 100' 0.026ID X 0.072OD
TC-31-100 TC31100 CAP TUB 100' 0.031ID x 0.073OD
TC-36-100 TC36100 CAP TUB 100' 0.036ID x 0.087OD
TC-42-100 TC42100 CAP TUB 100' 0.042ID x 0.093OD
TC-44-100 TC44100 CAP TUB 100' 0.044ID x 0.109OD
TC-50-100 TC50100 CAP TUB 100' 0.050ID x 0.114OD
TC-59-100 TC59100 CAP TUB 100' 0.059ID x 0.112OD
TC-64-100 TC64100 CAP TUB 100' 0.064ID x 0.125OD
TC-90-100 CAP TUB 100' 0.090ID x 0.145OD x
TC-26-16 TC2616 CAP TUB 16' 0.026ID X 0.072OD
TC-31-12 TC3112 CAP TUB 12' 0.031ID x 0.073OD
TC-36-12 TC3612 CAP TUB 12' 0.036ID x 0.087OD
TC-42-12 TC4212 CAP TUB 12' 0.042ID x 0.093OD
TC-44-12 TC4412 CAP TUB 12' 0.044ID x 0.109OD
TC-49-11 TC4911 CAP TUB 11' 0.049ID x 0.099OD
TC-54-100 TC54100 CAP TUB 100' 0.054ID x 0.106OD
TC-54-11 068452039054 CAP TUB 11' 0.054ID x 0.106OD
TC-64-10 TC6410 CAP TUB 10' 0.064ID x 0.125OD
TC-70-12 TC7012 CAP TUB 12' 0.070ID x 0.125OD
TC-75-9 TC759 CAP TUB 9' 0.075ID x 0.125OD
TC-80-10 TC8010 CAP TUB 10' 0.080ID x 0.145OD x
TC-85-9 068452039085 CAP TUB 9' 0.085ID x 0.145OD
TC-90-7 TC907 JB CAPILLARY TUBING -7' 0.090ID x 0.145OD
A10971 A10971 J/B CAP TUBE GAUGE
A10972 A10972 J/B CAP TUBE FILE
Showing 1 - 25 of 25 Results
Page: 1