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Item Number Manufacturer Description
W-1105 1/4ODX3/8MPT ADP WC401R
W-1106 1/4ODX1/4MPT ADP WC401R
W-1107 1/4ODX1/8MPT ADPT WC401
W-1113 3/8ODX1/2MPT ADP WC401R
W-1114 3/8ODX3/8MPT ADP WC401R
W-1115 3/8ODX1/4MPT ADPT WC401
W-1116 3/8ODX1/8MPT ADP WC401R
W-1124 1/2ODX1/2MPT ADP WC401R
W-1125 1/2ODX3/8MPT ADPT WC401
W-1126 1/2ODX1/4MPT ADP WC401R
W-1129 5/8ODX1MPT ADPT WC401R
W-1130 5/8ODX3/4MPT ADP WC401R
W-1131 5/8ODX1/2MPT ADPT WC401
W-1132 5/8ODX3/8MPT ADP WC401R
W-1133 5/8ODX1/4MPT ADP WC401R
W-1138 3/4ODX3/4MPT ADP WC401R
W-1139 3/4ODX1/2MPT ADP WC401R
W-1145 7/8ODX1MPT ADPT WC401R
W-1146 7/8ODX3/4MPT ADPT WC401
W-1147 7/8ODX1/2MPT ADP WC401R
W-1161 1-1/8ODX1-1/2MPT WC401R
W-1162 1-1/8ODX1-1/4MPT WC401R
W-1163 1-1/8ODX1MPT ADPT WC401
W-1164 1-1/8ODX3/4MPT WC401R
W-1165 WC-401R 1 1/8 X 1/2 M.A.
W-1170 WC 401 1-3/8 X 1-1/2
W-1171 1-3/8ODX1-1/4MPT WC401
W-1172 1-3/8ODX1MPT ADP WC401R
W-1173 1-3/8ODX3/4MPT WC401R
W-1179 1-5/8ODX1-1/2MPT WC401
W-1187 2-1/8ODX2MPT ADPT WC401
W-1204 1/4ODX1/2FPT ADP WC402R
W-1205 1/4ODX3/8FPT ADP WC402R
W-1206 1/4ODX1/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1207 1/4ODX1/8FPT ADPT WC402
W-1214 3/8ODX3/8FPT ADP WC402R
W-1215 3/8ODX1/4FPT ADPT WC402
W-1216 3/8ODX1/8FPT ADP WC402R
W-1223 1/2ODX3/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1224 1/2ODX1/2FPT ADP WC402R
W-1225 1/2ODX3/8FPT ADPT WC402
W-1226 1/2ODX1/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1230 5/8ODX3/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1231 5/8ODX1/2FPT ADPT WC402
W-1232 5/8ODX3/8FPT ADP WC402R
W-1233 5/8ODX1/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1238 3/4ODX3/4FPT ADP WC402R
W-1239 3/4ODX1/2FPT ADP WC402R
W-1245 7/8ODX1FPT ADPT WC402R
Showing 1 - 50 of 393 Results
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